Basic Intro to Bulma CSS

Basic Intro to Bulma CSS

Bulma CSS is one of those Frameworks that is in every list of “Top CSS frameworks to learn” and it does deserve its place there along with the likes of Bootstrap or Materialize CSS

I have used it for quick small projects where I don't want to work on styling more but rather focus on functionality parts.


Like other CSS frameworks, Bulma provides different CSS CLASSES, which you can apply to elements to style them

What difference done by Bulma is that it doesn’t come with any JavaScript built-in with it, which can advantage or disadvantage depending on the developer

Because it does not provide any JS, it is very lightweight and you have control over how much JavaScript you want to add


Bulma CSS uses prefixes such as is- and has- and for some elements, you just add the element name, for example, when styling a button you can just add the “button” class to style

The best part about it is if you have used Bootstrap then using Bulma will be a lot easier, because Bulma uses the same syntax patterns as bootstrap and adds some of its own

image 9.png

Grid System

Bulma uses CSS Flexbox for its grid system under the hood. It has a 12-column grid system, which is very easy to implement and similar to how bootstrap has its grid system implemented

1 Add a columns container

2 Add as many column elements as you want

image 10.png

No JS built-in

Bulma CSS does not include any JavaScript, Instead of that, in its documentation Bulma has JavaScript implementations, which makes it easier for developers to just use that or they can implement their solution

Bulma provides different extensions for different components that need JavaScript pre-built into them


Like any other CSS Framework, Bulma has its Color pellet and styling choices, making it unique from other frameworks. like bootstrap, it has primary, success, link, info, warning, and danger colors used for different components.

image 11.png image 12.png image 13.png


Bulma CSS has really good documentation, which makes sure that you are not searching on google for different use cases or Bulma implementations,

Documentation is available on

image 14.png

Things to Remember

Bulma is not a full fledge CSS Framework like Bootstrap or Materialize, it doesn’t give as many components as well.

It’s a small Library of components and utilities that make it easier for quick styling


You should check out all the CSS Frameworks and try to be comfortable with at least one of them so as a developer you can focus on functionality more than the designing of the project

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