Dev Retro 2022: My Journey from Student to Web Designer

Dev Retro 2022: My Journey from Student to Web Designer

Kakashi saying Hello

Hello!, 2022 has been a really interesting year for me technically as a Developer and that's why when I saw the Townhall Post of Dev Retro, I got excited about writing about my Developer journey in 2022

I have lots to say and lots of thoughts in my mind so, sorry in advance if this blog is a little chaotic

Thought Process throughout the year

Kakashi saying Hello

At the start of the year, I had thought that I wanted to focus more on improving my javascript skills and try to advance to Javascript Frameworks

At first, I was interested in React, because it looked kinda simple to work with and JSX syntax was something that I could logically understand and get into easily

During that time, My college had a 2 Week workshop on Angular and I got to work on angular and typescript.

  • The big learning from that workshop was the difference between a Framework and a Library

  • Angular is a good framework to work with, you have these different commands through which you can create components, add routing and add the functionality to get data from the API

During that workshop, I also tried to get more practice with Git/GitHub

I also experimented and got to use Netlify, to deploy the GitHub projects to the web which was also really fascinating the first experience

After the Workshop, I didn't work much on Angular. Because the biggest problem working with angular I faced was that my old PC couldn't cope with the system load an Angular project had.

And that led me into learning about Vue Js because after that angular experience I searched for Js Frameworks that I could work with, without having too much load on my System

That's when I saw people suggesting Vue, which got me interested but eventually due to my College work, I couldn't give much attention to it and then left it

While trying to learn about Vue I found this awesome Documentary on how Vue Came about which you should check out, Link to the Documentary

Overall, In 2022 I got to test many different technologies

On Campus Placements

Now at the end of the 6th Semester (3rd Year), My college started with the on-campus placement preparations, which meant by the time my final year started I could have a job even before I graduated

Now, I had already decided that I wanted to get a Frontend role, and I also had specific requirements on what type of company I wanted to go with, and because of that sorting through the company list provided by the college was easy

There was this one specific company in which I got interested and I applied for the role of “WEB DESIGNER”, luckily I got the Job Offer with a package I didn't think I could get as a fresher in my region and was ready to start my career as a Web Designer

Outside of Placements

Building Resume and Portfolio

Even Before Placements were announced, I was already building up my resume and portfolio site. During which I Engaged with many awesome people from the community on Twitter and Discord. I got a chance to get my resume reviewed by people working at google

I also tried applying for internships at, I was a little free at the time and thought why not try out "how applying for jobs works", for which I learned how to make email drafts, and find specific people on Linked In to send emails to, all in all, it was a really good learning experience which will help me in future too

Content Creation and Blogging

In 2022, I pushed myself into content creation and blogging which I was already interested in doing and eventually did so as well. After following tech accounts on Instagram for long enough, it encouraged me to also get into it

I started by making carousels on Instagram, and eventually found out about Tech Twitter, which was like another world within the Web with direct access to insane knowledge and crazy intelligent minds

Also, I started posting my carousel content with an extra explanation as blogs on Dev. to, and then Hashnode also became popular so I also posted on there as well, so as a smart content creator does, I branched out to different platforms, which was again a really fun learning experience.

As a Web Designer

I joined my current company in August, as a Trainee Web Designer. It’s been 5 months since then, of which the first 3 months I learned mostly HTML and CSS, and when I used to have time between my tasks I practiced javascript.

In 4th month of my training, I started learning JavaScript and jQuery. This part of the training was pretty intense! I survived it and had to take a break as my college exams came

Now after the exams are over and I go back to the office to start my last phase of training which is going to be learning and working with CMS tools like WordPress.

As a Web Designer, my Tech Stack in 2023 is going to be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript/jQuery, and WordPress/HubSpot


\a last boruto gif*

After writing all of this, I realized how different this year went for me, as in from what I thought I wanted to do and what I ended up doing, well at the end it's all a learning experience

If you read through that whole long blog then Thank You and sorry if it was stretched, this is my second draft and I had so many thoughts to share but I cut down on many things.

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