Resume tips I learned from the internet

Resume tips I learned from the internet


I have been digging the internet for my resume creation, as a fresher, it can be hard on what to add to your resume so that it doesn't look empty and as well as to make it like that it doesn't have too much irrelevant information

try going through this list before sending in your resume to companies



  • Try to modify your resume according to the company or job you are applying

  • Try creating 2,3 versions of your resume and use them accordingly: one can be on your preferred tech stack, and one can be modified using the job description

  • No too much personal info

  • Check for spelling mistakes

  • Make sure the contents are relevant to the job posting

  • Make your project descriptions small

  • Make sure you know the contents of your resume, the technologies you used, project explanations, etc...

  • Make it parser friendly

  • Always Send it in PDF format

  • Add hyperlinks to stuff like LinkedIn or GitHub account or portfolio site

  • Add a live site link and GitHub links to the projects you are mentioning


  • Keep sections in order as, objectives, skills, projects, education, and hobbies

  • Try to differentiate your skills in sections: Technical Skills or Other Skills separately, try not to add Microsoft office and OS

  • Add links to GitHub and LinkedIn

  • Make it a Single Page Resume

  • Have your best 2,3 projects in the project section

  • Use bullet points as much as possible

  • Don't put any random hobby in the hobbies section

  • Try to make the career objective max 2 lines, or if possible don't put it

  • In the education section, if possible don't add your percentages, just your College name, your degree ad the passout years


  • Keep it black and white ( Can be changed if applying for designer jobs )

  • Keep it readable: no fancy fonts, no too much bold text


These are just some of the tips I got through my resume reviews and looking at other people's resumes, do add your own to this list if you don't find any here

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